Nov 2016

  • We are organising and hosting the SDN Training and Certification Workshop which will give participants 5-day hands-on training in SDN hardware and controllers, along with formal ONF SDN certifications (OCSA and OCSE). Please click on the link above to register and pay - class size is strictly limited.
  • Prof. Vijay Sivaraman gave a keynote address on SDN at the IEEE ANTS'16 conference in Bangalore, calling for industry and academia to collaborate on building the ecosystem and trialling solutions. [slides]
  • Vijay has been elevated to a full Professor at UNSW!

Oct 2016

  • We presented and demonstrated our CaSToR and TeleScope solutions at the SDN World Congress in The Hague in Netherlands. CaSToR is an SDN-based interconnect solution, and TeleScope is an SDN-based approach to detecting and profiling video flows in the network.

Sep 2016

  • We gave lightning talks on CaSToR and TeleScope at AusNOG.
  • We hosted Dr Arun Vishwanath from IBM Reserach who gave a talk on Energy Management in Smart Buildings.

Aug 2016

  • Ke Hu's paper on Air Pollution Estimation Models has been accepted into the IEEE Sensors conference to be held in Florida, USA, in November.

Jul 2016

  • Team UNSW (Himal, Winston, Jason, Vijay) participated in the SDN Hackathon in Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand, and got the first prize for building and demonstrating a system for detecting DDoS attacks and pushing the mitigation upstream using inter-domain APIs - well done team!
  • Dominic Chan presented our paper at ACM WiSec'16 on smart-phone malware that can scout for IoT devices inside the home and disable the firewall for an outside attacker.

Jun 2016

  • We were sucessful in obtain a grant from ACCAN to identify and inform consumers on the security threats associated with IoT.

May 2016

  • The contract between UNSW and Cisco has been signed for official commencement of the ARC Linkage project.

Apr 2016

  • We organised an SDN Demo and Hackfest that was attended by over 20 people, including Dan Pitt of the ONF. Several teams gave demonstrations of working SDN systems, and 4 teams competed in a hackathon to build a home networking solution using the Zodiac SDN boards.

Mar 2016

  • We attended the Open Networking Summit in California - it was great to see the new developments in SDN, and to meet with various people deeply immersed in SDN.

Feb 2016

  • Vijay gave a phone interview with NAB's Online Health View on the rle of wearables in healthcare, and associated mechanisms needed for securing the data.

Jan 2016

  • The ANZ-SDN Alliance has received some sponsorship money, and we are commencing development of the CaSToR SDN app for Internet Exchange Points.

Dec 2015

  • We are co-organising the SDN mega-event with speakers from ONF, Optus, Telstra, Megaport, IIX, ESNet, AARNet, and many more. Please visit web-site to register.

Nov 2015

  • We hosted the ITNAC 2015 conference at UNSW. Our paper "Third-party Customization of Residential Internet Sharing using SDN" won a highly commended award.

Apr 2015

Mar 2015

  • We hosted an SDN meet-up in Melbourne in which Martin Foster talked about SDN at PacNet.

Feb 2015

Jan 2015

  • I am back in Australia from my sabbatical in California!

Dec 2014

Nov 2014

  • I am proud to say that Thivya Kandappu received her PhD degree on 11 Nov.
  • We received an ARC-LIEF grant to build an SDN test-bed spanning 10 organisations in Australia. Construction of this test-bed will commence in 2015.

Oct 2014

Sep 2014

Aug 2014

  • I have left for my sabbatical at HP in Palo Alto, California, working on SDN. I will return to UNSW in Jan 2015.

Jul 2014

  • We held an SDN meet-up on 24 Jul at premises of Luma Networks, attended by about 20 professionals. Our ANZ-SDN alliance is featured in the Sydney Morning Herald IT Pro Section of 25 July.

Jun 2014

  • We are very pleased to host Prof Raj Jain who will give a tutorial on SDN/NFV on Wed 18 Jun 2-5pm at UNSW. To attend, please register via the above link (University students can attend for free by emailing

May 2014

  • The ANZ-SDN alliance launch event had 35 attendees from 20 organisations. Talks focused on early deployment experiences and risks, and demos showcased WAN-routing and Home-Networking use-cases of SDN. We have video-taped the talks, and hope to put them up on YouTube soon.

Apr 2014

  • We are excited to host the ANZ-SDN alliance launch event on Thursday 8 May at UNSW. The event will have attendance from several network operators, vendors, integrators, and researchers. Registration for the event is mandatory.

Mar 2014

Feb 2014

  • We have founded an SDN alliance called anzSDN, with the aim of fostering an SDN community in the Australia New Zealand region. The preliminary charter and membership information can be found at the alliance web-site.

Jan 2014

Dec 2013

Oct 2013

  • We organised an SDN workshop at UNSW. It was attended by over 20 people, representing 8 Universities in Australia / New Zealand, and commercial entities including iiNet, AATNet, Google, PWC, etc. The main action items are to set up an SDN Alliance in ANZ comprising developers and end-users, and to build a large test-bed for SDN experimentation in ANZ.