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2011 Scholarship and Prizes

There are a number of scholarships available at undergraduate and post graduate level. Selection criteria for these range considerably to address equity issues and to award academic achievement.

Different scholarships are available at various stages of degrees.


Co-op Scholarships
Rural Scholarships

Taste of Research Summer Scholarships

Energy Australia Cadetships

NICTA Telecommunications Excellence Awards

Postgraduate Research:

Scholarships for Local and International Students

Women in Engineering Research Scholarships

The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Engineering for 2011 (Application closed)

Advice for Prospective IPRS and UIPA Applicants:

Allocation of scholarships is a highly competitive process. To assist us in satisfactorily assessing the merit of each applicant, we ask that you consider the following:

1) The single most important criterion used in the early selection process is the weighted average mark obtained in your undergraduate education. Since different countries and universities have different means of computing these marks, please try to provide us with as much information as you can concerning the interpretation of letter grades, your own final ranking within your program of study, and the ranking of your university (or school or faculty) on a national level.

2) It is imperative that you establish contact with a proposed supervisor who will help guide you in forming a research proposal. If you have not done so already, you should make such a contact immediately. One possibility is to use the staff web pages as an initial guide in making your first contact. The web address is

An academic staff member can also contribute to the evolution of your application and may be able to introduce relevant material after the official application closing date.

3) Other factors which may have a significant bearing upon your selection are: evidence of significant research achievements; and relevant prizes or awards, especially university medals.


For more information, please visit UNSW Scholarships


Past scholarships and prizes



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