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Photonics Seminar Series

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20 Aug. 2018 Prof Kin Chiang 3D polymer waveguide devices for mode-division-multiplexing
5-7 May 2018 International Workshop on Photonic Fibres and Applications 
2 May 2018 Ole Peters THz spectroscopy
16 Mar. 2018 Seminars of Applied Lasers and Photonics
19-23 Feb. 2018 1st International Symposium of Photonics (SP2018)
12 Jan. 2017 Workshop on Optical Fibre and Photonic Smart Sensing 
23 Aug. 2016 Prof. Yuliya Semenova Photonics Research in PRC @ DIT
07 Mar. 2016 Prof. Yinglong Wang

Introduction to SDAS: Research & Development, Collaboration & Talent Program

22 Mar. 2015 Prof. Pei Yao The most recent advances in Scanning Electron Microscopy
02 Mar. 2015 Prof. Robert Gebocki 

Dr Marek Rebow

Introduction to PANTHER: Pacific Atlantic Network for Technical Higher Education & Research
28 Oct. 2014 2nd POCG Discussion Forum for BEDF
11 Sep. 2014 1st POCG Discussion Forum for BEDF
08 Aug. 2014 1st Annual POCG Photonics Workshop 
27 Jun. 2014 Prof. Xinwan Li

Mach-Zehnder Modulator based on Silicon Photonics

18 Dec. 2013 Dr. Peter C. Schultz

Optical Fibers for Communication: Past, Present and Future   

06 Sep. 2013 Prof. John Canning Photonics Diagnostics for the World Game
08 Apr. 2013 Super Fellows from Adelaide Uni.  1Endometrial Sensing: New Tools for Women’s Health
2Identification and quantification of explosive species in solution by Raman spectroscopy in suspended core optical fibers
3Molecular Beacon immobilized within suspended core optical fiber for specific DNA detection
4Fluorescent polymer coated capillaries as optofluidic refractometric bio-chemical sensors
15 Feb. 2013 Prof. John Love Few-Mode Optical Fibres
23 Nov. 2012 Dr. Leonardo Silvestri Diamond/AlN Heterojunctions for UV Emitting Devices 
21 Sep. 2012 Prof. Jianzhong Zhang Recent Developments on Bismuth and Erbium Co-doped Fiber for Future Optical Communication Band

27 July 2012

A/Prof. Bing Liu Interaction between Evanescent Wave and Matter