PANTHER - Pacific Atlantic Network for Technical Higher Education and Research

PANTHER, “Pacific-Atlantic Network for Technical Higher Education and Research”, is a 1.25m euro project funded by European Union under Erasmus Mundus Action II. UNSW is one of the 8 partners (5 from EU, 2 from Australia and 1 from NZ) in the PANTHER consortium:

Warsaw University of Technology

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Dublin University of Technology

The University of the Basque Country

University of New South Wales

Griffith University

Auckland University of Technology





The PANTHER consortium will focus its exchange research activities on the following 4 areas:
1.  Aeronautics and astronautics
2.  Power engineering and renewable energy technologies

         3.  New sensing technologies       

         4.  Automation and control systems


Financial support:  PANTHER provides financial support in the form of scholarship covering living allowance, insurance and travel costs for successful applicants to its mobility programs.

Eligible Applicant:  Nationals of  European Union, Australia and New Zealand who are registered as students or employed as staff in one of the PANTHER partner universities are eligible to apply for the PANTHER mobility program.

Information & Contact: If you are interested in the PANTHER mobility program, either as an incoming visitor from EU to UNSW or as an outgoing visitor from UNSW to EU, please contact the relevant department/groups in UNSW.


Local PANTHER coordinator at UNSW: Prof. Gang-Ding Peng (g.peng@unsw.edu.au) in School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications.


PANTHER website: For more information on the PANTHER mobility program, please visit: http://panther.meil.pw.edu.pl/