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2-4 Nov. 2018 2018 Seminar on IntelliSense and Security Detection Technology and Applications
28 Oct. 2018 Two best poster awards at ACP2018
17 Oct. 2018 Asiga Freeform Pro 2 3D Printer started to commission in POCG
28 Sep. 2018 A/Prof. Xinghu Fu from Yanshang Univerisity started his exchange visit at POCG for 1 year
20 Aug. 2018 Prof Kin Chiang from City University of Hong Kong Visit POCG
5-7 May 2018 International Workshop on Photonic Fibres and Applications Held in Shanghai University
2 May 2018 Menlo THz spectroscopy system started commissioning in POCG
24 Apr. 2018 Welcome Vice President Prof. Caidong Xiong and the delegation from UESTC
16 Mar. 2018 Delegation from University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg Visit POCG
19-23 Feb. 2018 1st International Symposium of Photonics
15 Feb. 2018 A/Prof. Tingting Wang from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology started his exchange visit at POCG for 1 year
13 Jan. 2017 Workshop on Optical Fibre and Photonic Smart Sensing
7 Nov. 2016 Welcome Vice Mayor  Xiwen Ding and the delegation of Laiwu City in Shandong
22 Sep. 2016 Welcome Vice Mayor Jineng Wang and the delegation of Dongying City in Shandong
10 Sep. 2016 Delegation from Shandong Province, China Visit POCG 
09 Sep. 2016 Prof. A. Ping Zhang from Hong Kong Polytechnic University Visit POCG
23 Aug. 2016 Photonics Research in PRC @ DIT by Prof. Yuliya Semenova
11 Aug. 2016 Mai Tai BB fs Laser started to commission in POCG
8 Aug. 2016 Prof. Yuliya Semenova from Photonics Research Centre at Dubin Institute of Technology Visit POCG under PANTHER Program
10 Apr. 2016 2nd Sino-Australia International Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibres 
5 Apr. 2016 Visit to National Supercomputer Center in Jinan
11 Mar. 2016 Dr. Sanjay Kher from Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology Visit POCG
07 Mar. 2016 Welcome Prof Yinglong Wang and the delegation of Shangdong Academy of Sciences
15 Feb. 2016 Mr. Xiaohui Liu from Laser Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences Visit POCG
16 Dec. 2015 Dr. Jun He from Shenzhen University Visit POCG for 1 year
06 Dec. 2015 Dr. Chang Wang from Laser Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences Visit POCG
23 Nov. 2015 Luster Best Paper Award and Best Poster Paper Award at ACP 2015
22 Nov. 2015 Revisit of POCG Alumni-Prof. Jianzhong Zhang from Harbin Engineering University
11 Nov. 2015 Delegates from Tianjin University Visit POCG
16 Sep. 2015 Prof Zhang from BIT Visit POCG under the leadship of Prof. Jinhong Yuan
1 Sep. 2015 Delegates from Microsystem & Terahertz Research Center of China Academy of Engineering Physics
11 Aug. 2015 Prof. Wei Huang from Xi'an Jiaotong University Visit POCG
28 Jul. 2015 Delegation from University of University of Electronic Science Technology of China
30 Apr. 2015 Delegation from Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province Visit POCG
21 Mar. 2015 Prof. Pei Yao from Tianjin University Visit POCG 
10 Mar. 2015 Prof. Ken Grattan from City University Visit POCG
10 Mar. 2015

Farewell & Reception Party of Colleagues, Students and Collaborators

02 Mar. 2015 Prof. Robert Gebocki and Dr Marek Rebow Visit POCG and Introduce the PANTHER program
24 Feb. 2015 New Vice Chancellor of Prof. Ian Jacobs Visit POCG
19 Feb. 2015 New Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof. Mark Hoffman Visit POCG
06 Jan. 2015 1st Sino-Australia International Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibres 
04 Dec. 2014 Prof. Zhuangde Jiang (Academician of CEA) from Xi'an Jiaotong University Visit POCG  
29 Aug. 2014 Prof. Mingya Shen from Yangzhou University Visit POCG
23 Aug. 2014 Farewell and Reception Party at Prof. Peng's Home
08 Aug. 2014 1st Annual POCG Photonics Workshop
04 Aug. 2014 Dr Guoyan Dong from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Visit POCG
18 Jul. 2014 Prof. Zhenyi Chen and A/Prof. Jianxiang Wen from Shanghai University Visit POCG
16 Jul. 2014 Dr Philip Ji from NEC Labs America Visit POCG
03 Jul. 2014 Prof. Xinwan Li from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Visit POCG
24 Jul. 2014 Mr. Jiasheng Ni from Laser Institute, SDAS Visit POCG
26 Mar. 2014 Farewell Party for Prof. Huayong Yang
04 Feb. 2014 POCG Received Dr. Gilberto Brambilla from University of Southampton
03 Feb. 2014 Prof.  Zhengliang Hu and Mr. Haibing Zhang Visit POCG
28 Jan. 2014 D-Shape Fibre LPGs for Structure Health Monitoring in the world’s most powerful wind turbine
18 Dec. 2013 Dr. Peter Schultz Visit Photonics Lab at UNSW
29 Nov. 2013 Laser Scientist from Silex Systems Visit POCG
11 Apr. 2013 Super Fellow Delegation from Adelaide University Visit POCG
29 Mar. 2013 Dr. Tongyu Liu's visit from Shandong Micro-sensor Photonics Limited
20 Mar. 2013 Call for papers for APOS 2013
15 Feb. 2013 Visit of Prof. John Love from ANU
11 Dec. 2012 ACOFT 2012 holding at UNSW
09 Dec. 2012 Breakthrough in Photonic Fibres
31 Jan. 2012 APOS 2012 held in Sydney
03 Aug. 2011 Joint National Fibre Facility installed at UNSW
11 Nov. 2009 Visit of Prof. Jiang Di and the delegation of Shangdong Academy of Sciences

Oct. 2009

Completion upgrade of MCVD at UNSW