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Promotion of our UNSW lecture about Arctic Expedition

A fun night of beer, Gore-tex giveaways and Arctic Antics! [POSTER]
Mid 2005, UNSW’s Chris Bray (23) & Clark Carter (22) plunged deep inside the Arctic Circle to do what no one ever had –travel over 1,000 km unsupported across the largely unexplored Victoria Island, the 9th largest in the world.
Alone for 58 days, they dragged & paddled 250kgs of supplies each in their homemade wheeled kayaks over some of the harshest terrain on Earth, enduring blizzards, frostbite, being chased by arctic wolves, and hiding from polar bears. Countless setbacks & extreme conditions meant they couldn’t reach their destination: So in July 2008 they’re heading back to finish what they started – giving themselves 100 days to travel the remaining 700 km to the far side of this remote arctic island.
Humorous and brutally honest, this 1 hr presentation - complete with video clips and crazy stories - will keep you frozen to your seats while you enjoy a beer from the bar!
Tuesday 8th May - 5pm for 6pm start. The ‘club bar’ upstairs at the ROUNDHOUSE
TICKETS $7 at the door - but bring extra for drinks!"






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